Monday, November 05, 2007

Geez, 39

Today I am 39 years old. Only one more year of youthful indiscretion left and so much remaining to be accomplished.

Over the next 365 days, my plan is to drink, drug, gamble and philander my way into a rock-bottom moment of clarity before turning to religion in a fit of sanctimony. Then I’ll hire some well-starched consultants to rehabilitate my image and join the Republican party.

I’m also thinking about getting a puppy.


David Wyatt said...

I, for one, support you fully... from afar. Sure, I might get drunk with you a couple of ties, or even gamble a little. But that's about it. Still, I salute your plan and can't wait to watch it unfold (or unravel).

Shean said...

I am turning 40 in less than a month and I wished I went your route. I joined the Republican Party after having a child, I gave birth to a little republican and during Gore & Bush campaign I stopped drinking the Kool-Aid. Now that my son is a junior in High School I feel free to go a more Independent route. (Go Colbert). So as you begin your journey I will say a little prayer for the puppy. In hopes that it is not scarified during drug and alcohol induced religious rampage in Las Vegas which watching a David Copperfield Magic Show. (only because Celine was sold-out).

So Happy Belated B-Day and welcome to the decades of your life.

Dan said...

For those about to rock, we salute you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday !!! Sounds like I’m gonna get a visit from you soon too. And don’t get a puppy, you'll just have to get another one in like 10-12 years, make a baby!

Mucho Luv