Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Weekend in Waiting

Our baby boy's Feb. 16 due date is fast approaching. More than a few friends have said they have a feeling he will be born early. That could very well be the case if he takes after Kate. If he takes after me, he'll probably arrive late, but not too late.

Regardless, I've been treating the last few days as though he'll show up this weekend just to make sure the critical tasks are well in hand if Kate suddenly says it's time to go to the hospital. Some part of me thinks the thing to do in the final days of pre-fatherhood is to gorge on garbage food, see a lot of violent and/or sexually gratuitous movies and cram in as many domestic beer-drenched rock shows as I can.

But then I look at the yard or the shower stall and realize our soon-to-be harried home life will be marginally less harried if I get those things into some semblance of shape before the baby comes. I've never been much for housekeeping, but when I think about not being able to readily devote a large chunk of time to it for months and months, it makes me want to try and start off with as clean a slate as possible.

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Melanie said...

1. First babies are often late. So, if Feb. 16 comes and goes with nary a contraction, your job is to keep Kate calm and remind her that she's not going to be pregnant forever. Because believe me, the farther you get past that magical due date without giving birth, the more desperate and crazy you get.

2. You'd be surprised how not-harried the first few months are, at least with your first one. Sure, you're sleep deprived and zombie-like, but I remember things being pretty peaceful in Harrison's first few months.

You guys are going to do great!