Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now entering SXSW

After tying up a bunch of loose ends at work this afternoon, I'm finally ready to dive headfirst into SXSW.

I always get a bit lethargic before SXSW starts. I think it's my body doing the nut-gathering thing. Many years ago, I was able to cover SXSW showcases, play 2-3 gigs and still show up at my government job from 8 to 5. I didn't do all of those things particularly well, mind you, but I did do them. Even with the graying temples, this week's schedule should be much more manageable.

Tomorrow I'll be covering the Jarvis Cocker panel on song lyrics at the Convention Center before heading out to review showcase sets from French post-punks Bogart and the Addictives and former Cramps/Gun Club/Nick Cave guitarist Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds. I'm still trying to figure out everything in between.

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Shean said...

After being there for Diggnation and check out some of the free things to do I have to say I will be taking a week off next year to enjoy the whole thing with William. I got to see a few local bands on Friday during the Kick off of SXSWi,Stubb's had a pre-launch party for Lucy magazine so William and I saw Sheybogan and the bubbles. We left after them so we missed Agent Ribbons and I think Death is not a joyride. Loving Austin.