Saturday, January 10, 2009

Levanta la bandera!

Here's a fine example of how not to do a Spanish-language TV spot from a business that should know better.

Several years back, my beloved Pancho's Mexican Buffet launched the "Raise the Flag" campaign. They even had someone write an appropriately cheesy jingle to help embed the phrase. When it came time to do a Spanish-language spot, Pancho's could've changed the Spanish translation to fit the meter of the jingle or they could've changed the jingle to fit the meter of the Spanish translation.

Instead, I'd wager they ignored the advice of their ad agency's creative team to save money and forced some poor session singer to shoehorn the lyric, "Levanta la bandera" into a wordspace that was only big enough for "Raise the flag." The result sounds like a mash-up gone horribly awry.

Ah, Pancho's. Is this some sort of cry for help?

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