Thursday, January 29, 2009

The fellas serving the tables

There's a telling little tidbit in Chron reporter Richard Whittaker's recap of the Texas Public Policy Foundation's annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature, held last week at the Four Seasons.

The Austin-based conservative think tank's opening lunch featured a debate between onetime Reaganomics architect Arthur Laffer and Center for Immigration Studies director Mark Krikorian over whether the U.S. should close its borders to foreign workers.

According to Whittaker, "Krikorian argued that immigration only imports more 'working poor' ('Just look at the fellas serving the tables here,' he told the diners) and that low-skill jobs could be filled by 'ex-cons, recovering addicts, [and] the disabled.'"

I suspect this Krikorian guy has never worked in food service before. Otherwise, he would know better than to lip off like that in front of the help. That's just begging to have your rubber chicken molested.

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