Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BREAKING: Viacom/Time Warner Cable dispute

More good news for Time Warner Cable subscribers. According to this post on the Los Angeles Times blog, Viacom is threatening to yank MTV, Nickolodeon, Comedy Central and several other channels off Time Warner Cable systems just after midnight on January 1 if they can't reach a new carriage agreement. What a way to start the new year.

UPDATE (12/31): Time Warner subsidiary News 8 Austin says last-minute negotiations continue today with Viacom. Tune in tomorrow at 12:01am to see if you're going to be paying for a bunch of cable networks you're no longer receiving.


AC said...

I've switched to ATT U-verse. It's better than Time Warner, IMHO. The DVR is about 10 times better.

only drawbacks -- no News 8 (which we rely on for regular weather updates) and no broadcasts of city council meetings (not everyone's cup of tea, though)

Greg said...

I would switch to U-verse in a flash if they were in my neighborhood. I'm already on their e-mail notification list. Unfortunately we're captive to TWC for the time being unless we to switch to satellite/DSL.

Anonymous said...

dont you have grande in your hood? we moved from grover ave to the other side of anderson and lost it.

Greg said...

I've checked on Grande and we can't get it, either.