Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wal-Mart Supercenter Coming to Northcross

Today's announcement that Wal-Mart will begin building a Supercenter at the redeveloped Northcross Mall next year is a disappointment that comes as no surprise. I'm also not surprised by the fact that they waited until the day of midterm elections to slide this announcement under the radar.

Despite the positive quote from the president of the Allendale Neighborhood Association in today's Statesman, Wal-Mart will face significant resistance in North Central Austin. The Statesman article implies that Wal-Mart will effect a water-to-wine retail revitalization at Burnet and Anderson, but demographics are already bringing about revitalization without Wal-Mart in the mix.

The one positive side effect of all this is that H-E-B will absolutely have to improve its sorely-lacking Burnet/Allendale location before Wal-Mart snakes all its customers.

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