Thursday, November 30, 2006

Goddamn Shower Pan

That's right, folks. I have just asked God to damn my shower pan, for it has failed me by leaking all over and under my bathroom floor, as well as through the exterior wall of my home.

Because the base of my shower is made of fiberglass, they're probably going to have to rip-and-replace instead of repairing it. I'm told there may even be a jackhammer involved.

Anytime someone has to bring a jackhammer into your bathroom, invoking the lord's wrath can no longer be considered to be an act of vanity.

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Kim said...

Aw man. The same thing happened to us, and it also ruined parts of the new pergo floor in two rooms. And, more than a year after the leakage, our bathroom is still ripped up. So yeah, let us know if you find a good contractor.