Thursday, April 27, 2006

That's the Proper Word

Back in 1984, Henry "Ayyy, we're canceled!" Winkler and some other concerned Hollywood types decided to make an educational video to gently teach children about sexual predators.

It was a noble enough idea, but what the hell were the makers of Strong Kids, Safe Kids thinking when they decided to dress a grown man up in overalls, put him on a slide and have him sing to children about penises and vulvas?

That's right, kids, it's the "Proper Words" song! Get ready to sing along with this time-tested party chestnut, courtesy of your friends at Goodie Bag TV.


David said...

I actually own this video - it is some of the most bizarre 'educational' work I have ever seen.

Greg said...

I know I've seen this at your house at least once!