Friday, April 14, 2006

Ron Titter Rides Again

After an elongated performance hiatus, The Ron Titter Band will be playing at Room 710 on Friday, April 21 with New York's Back to Blonde and home-grown acts StunGun and Exeter.

When I was 21, I would've said we're headlining this bill. Now I just say we're going last because I'm old. Of course, going last also means I might be drunk enough by showtime to engage in some good old-fashioned trou-dropping.

There's nothing funnier than a grown man stumbling around with his pants around his knees. It's comic frickin' gold, baby!

1 comment:

David said...

I guess I'm confused. I thought 'headlining' was just sort of a matter of fact word for playing last on a weekend night - but a co-worker just came in and made light of my use of the term. I guess I'm in the dark about something here.

So many nuances about the English language - I'll figure it out eventually.