Friday, April 21, 2006

Keep Your Purity Off My Balls

I'm all for fathers being more involved in their daughters' lives, but these Father- Daughter Purity Balls sponsored by tax-supported organizations like the Abstinence Clearinghouse really creep me out.

From what I can gather, a Purity Ball is like a cross between a prom and a wedding where daughters pledge virginity-until-marriage to their fathers while the fathers, as "high priests of the home," pledge to protect their daughter's "purity" until she brings home a suitable suitor. I'd love to be that guy (or girl!).

A father claiming dominion in the name of God over his daughter's sexuality reeks of emotional and spiritual incest. The idea that an intact hymen somehow equals purity is no less misbegotten.

There is no similar ceremony for mothers and sons. Apparently, God was smart enough to put the onus of purity on girls alone. And I appreciate that.

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Anonymous said...

This strikes me as being really creepy.