Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fave Five Food Deals - 3/25/11

Keep a tight lid on rising food prices with a few hits of Austin's finest supermarket deals.

1. Navel oranges, .49/lb. at Sprouts and Sun Harvest (through 3/30/11)

2. Texas 1015 yellow onions, .69/lb. at Whole Foods (through 3/30/11)

3. Green or red leaf lettuce, .88/lb. at Sun Harvest (through 3/30/11)

4. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1/lb. at El Rancho Supermercado (through 3/29/11)

5. Sun Harvest popcorn or kettle corn, .99/ea. at Sun Harvest (through 3/30/11)

Also, in a "spirited" attempt to mimic Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck, Sprouts is now carrying something called Broke Ass Wines for $5 a bottle. And if your ass is even broker than that, pick up sixer of Sierra Madre beer for just $3.99 at Sprouts this week. That's almost as cheap as Walgreens' Big Flats 1901!

Austin supermarket links (directs to weekly ads where available):
El Rancho Supermercado
Natural Grocers
Sunflower Farmers Market
Sprouts Farmers Market
Sun Harvest
Wheatsville Food Co-Op
Whole Foods Market

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Anonymous said...

like 2 buck chuck, just 250% more expensive!