Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fave Five Food Deals - 5/26/10

Despite being a bit tied up at the ol' day job this week, delivering Austin's five best grocery deals remains an essential function for this here blog.

1. Blue Bell Ice Cream (half gallon/all rims), $2.99 at Fiesta* (through 6/1/10)

2. Pork sirloin chops (family pack), .77 at Fiesta* (through 6/1/10)

3. Texas-grown bi-color corn on the cob, 8 for $2 at Whole Foods Market (through 6/2/10)

4. Peaches, .67/lb. at H-E-B (through 6/1/10)

5. Freshly squeezed lemonade (half gallon), $1.99 at Central Market (through 6/1/10)

*Limit 2 with $10 or more additional purchase.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not able to take advantage of the deals you list, they still provide me an interesting insight into how food prices vary based on regional availability. For example, the avocado deals you often list just slay me (5 to 10 for a dollar?). Here in Raleigh, on a deep discount for very ripe avocados, you might get away with 2 for $2.

Take care,


Dan said...

Are HEB deals store specific? Peaches were $.99/lb at the Far West HEB (but Cantaloupe were $1/ea, and they had "reduced for quick sale" packs of Central Market organic mixed greens for $1/ea (1 lb package).

Greg said...

Hmm...the price on peaches came from this week's H-E-B sale circular for Austin area stores. Let me check up on that.

Greg said...

Double-checked the circular and peaches are supposed to be .67/lb. from 5/26 through 6/1 for all Austin stores. I know Allandale HEB has them. Anyway, thanks for the tip on cantaloupe and RFQS organic greens. Them's good deals!

Kristen said...

Okay, Greg, I bought corn on your recommendation this week and dig this -- it had corn fungus. The much-prized Mexican corn fungus. Were I smarter and stronger, I wouldn't have immediately given it my sister-in-law to cook. But I'm not, so I did.

Greg said...

Ech. Sorry your Whole Foods corn purchase was a bit wholer than bargained for.