Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Count Five

Today is Beetsolonely’s 5-year anniversary. To celebrate, I’ve decided to revert to all-caps headlines. That’s all the rebranding I’m up for right now.

Occasionally I wonder if this here blog needs more focus. Perhaps it would make sense to define a niche and work to fill it. Maybe I’ll do that one day, but a large part of why I enjoy blogging is being able to write about whatever happens to pop into my head.

So unless I hear the elusive “true calling” that would enable me to monetize a singular bloggerly pursuit I’m passionate about, the rambling mélange of musings on life in Austin, obscure pop culture curiosities, impending parenthood and where to find a good deal on potatoes will continue unabated.

1 comment:

kmel said...

Happy anniversary Greg! Keep on keeping on! I for one enjoy the mélange.