Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fave five food deals - 12/10/09

Here are this week's top five grocery circular deals as selected by our psychologically unbalanced cadre of bargain-hunting vigilantes:

1. Blue Bell Ice Cream half gallons 2 for $7 @ Sun Harvest (through 12/13)

2. Cantaloupes .25/lb. @ Sun Harvest (through 12/16)

3. H-E-B Club Soda and Ginger Ale 2 for $1 @ H-E-B (through 12/15)

4. Natural boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.77/lb. @ Newflower (through 12/16)

5. Cuties Clementines, 2 lb. bag 1.97 @ Newflower (through 12/16)

…and one to grow on:

Sutter Home wine, 750 mL bottles, assorted varieties $3 at Sun Harvest (through 12/13). Sorry, 12-bottle limit!


Melanie said...

Does that include the peppermint Blue Bell, which is $5 for a half gallon at Central Market?

And that's a pretty good price on clementines, but isn't Newflower way the hell south? Seems like that's a zero-sum game for us central-dwelling folk.

LOL at Sutter Home!

Thanks for this! These are among my favorite of your blog posts!

Greg said...

Given their basic selection, I doubt you can find peppermint Blue Bell at Sun Harvest. If I come across it, I'll let you know

As for Newflower, it definitely isn't worth its own trip, but if you're already in South Austin, might as well grab some Cuties, right?

michael said...

I noticed tonight that Vitamin Cottage on Guadalupe had some really good items on their clearance $1 Kettle chips and other organic snacks.