Friday, September 25, 2009

Hard times at Rhino Records

More bad news for the music industry. Variety reports long-heralded back catalog savior Rhino Records is laying off 30-40 people, citing "fundamental transformation of the physical new release and catalog business."

Over the years, Rhino reissues have become a dominant element of my music collection. From the Monkees reissues that helped launch that band's mid-80s critical and commercial revival to the thoughtfully packaged and annotated Nuggets box sets, there has always been a palpable sense of passion in Rhino's products.

Here's hoping there's still a sustainable place for eccentric music nuts in whatever emerges from the wreckage of the old guard.


Cornbiter Deluxe said...

They'll probably need to emulate norton and sundazed and the other smaller re-issue labels that put out vinyl. That seems to be what people want these days.

I love vinyl, but it's too bad that the kind of work Rhino put in to collections like the excellent Postpunk Chronicles and the aforementioned Nuggets releases seems like it'll be a thing of the past.

Lee said...

That is a tragedy. Rhino's "Billboard No.1 Country Hits 1959-68" played a huge role in my musical education. I suppose I would have discovered Buck Owens eventually, but that collection kicked it off.