Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Last Ron Titter show (for awhile)

Friday, May 8 is your last chance to catch The Ron Titter Band in action for the foreseeable future.

Bassist Reed Burnam is heading to India with his new fiancée for the summer, so the boys and I will be taking another sabbatical of unknown duration. As we've all learned in one form or another, real life has a way of stymieing a perfectly servicable non-career in the lower arts.

If the thought of enduring an entire season (or more) without the sweet salve of Titter sends red hot rails of fear up your spine, grab three bucks for cover and shake yourself on down to the Hole in the Wall at 10pm this Friday. It'll be a stone gas, but not in the way you're thinking.

Then stick around for the proletarian poptones of the Service Industry and Churchwood, a new, Beefheart-infused quintet featuring Austin music vets like guitarist Bill Anderson (Meat Purveyors, Horsies, Poison 13), bassist-turned-drummer Julien Peterson (Brown Whornet, Cat Scientist), vocalist Joe Doerr (Hand of Glory), guitarist Billy Steve Korpi (Crack Pipes) and my Summer Breeze/Captain Smoothe mate Adam Kahan (Invincible Czars, Jazzus Lizard) on bass.

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