Monday, April 06, 2009

Madam Mam's heads north

Fans of Thai food in North Central Austin rejoice. Madam Mam's is opening a third location next month across from the Alamo Drafthouse Village in the space formerly occupied by Shanghai River at 2700 W. Anderson Ln.

Though I spent many hours grazing at Shanghai River's "lavish" Chinese buffet during the 90s - informing everyone I dined with how much I loved the Lavish people and their cuisine - that restaurant became an inhospitable dump in its dying days. Any way you slice it, Madam Mam's is a considerable step up.

Here's to no more futzing around with UT area parking when I need a Panang Beef Curry fix.


M1EK said...

We moved up to the Thai Noodles Etc. joint on the two alleys off 26th/Guadalupe a couple years back. Even better food (IMO), and really challenging parking!

Greg said...

I went to Thai Noodles for the first time a few weekends back (when UT was on spring break) and was impressed with my noodle dish. I haven't tried anything else, though.