Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where the hell is Ron Titter?

Long-time readers of this here blog will recall that I used to dip an extremity or three into the local live music arena with an outfit called the Ron Titter Band.

We decided to go on hiatus last fall when our guitarist David Wyatt became a dad. The plan was to start playing again after SXSW, but as anyone who’s ever tried to restart a coordinated, collective effort with no reward beyond the doing knows, inertia is a formidable foe.

In this case, it was just as well because our bassist Reed Burnam received an academic stipend to study in India for 12 weeks this summer and our drummer Joel Fried is having gut surgery next week. Meanwhile, guitarist Andy Loomis developed a bad case of poison ivy and I got a couple of really nasty ankle blisters while attempting to two-step in brand new boots at the Broken Spoke.

It looks like we'll continue to be waylaid into the fall. Just as Reed returns to our shores in late August, Kate and I will be shipping up to Boston for our nuptials.

Since whatever work we would’ve accomplished toward returning to gig strength during this time would’ve been for naught in lieu of these life events, I’m glad we chose slack over striving. It’s much easier on the ol’ constitution.

That said, the five of us met over beer and brownies at Opal Divine’s prior to last night’s thunderstorms and reaffirmed our intentions to return to the stage. In the meantime, we’ll be getting together in splinters to write songs and goof around.

October is now our target reentry date – exactly one year from the last time we played out.

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greggae said...

Greg… I got distracted by the following statement in your blog:

“Kate and I will be shipping up to Boston for our nuptials.”

When is the big date? I should ask, when is the 3RD big date? I haven’t received my invite yet. I guess that will be coming in the mail soon.


Ps: congrats on the 1001th blog entry, it’s fun reading.