Saturday, December 29, 2007

Remember the Colonial House!

This TV spot will definitely jog the memory of anyone who lived in Houston during the pre-bust 80s. Here's well-coiffed Michael Pollack offering free VCRs (and perhaps a sweet young thing in a bikini) to new residents of his Colonial House apartments. This ad ran all the time and everyone in town knew who Pollack was.

I love the way he refers to "beautiful Southwest Houston." That particular area of Southwest Houston has been known as the "Gulfton Ghetto" for more years than I can remember, but even before that nickname came into use, no sane person would've deemed it beautiful.


Shean said...

Thanks for the memories. I spent alot of time at there in the 80's hanging with the sexy singles. I have been trying to remember Michael Pollack name so thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hadn't anticipated my memories of that commercial to seem so immediate. By the time that you and I graduated high school in '87, perhaps due to the oil bust, those apartments and others around them were known mostly as the situs for various low-level dealers, or so I heard from other more wayward youths.
Congratulations on your betrothal, by the way.