Saturday, March 10, 2007

Boston Vocalist Brad Delp Dies

Boston vocalist Brad Delp was found dead yesterday at the age of 55. He was alone in his Atkinson, New Hampshire home and local police don't suspect foul play.

I got to see Boston at the Erwin Center in 2004 and they were surprisingly good despite being laughably out of fashion in more ways than one. Guitarist/keyboardist/producer /inventor/multi-millionaire Tom Scholz stepped onstage in a T-shirt and shorts ensemble no wife would let her husband leave the house in. Delp had assistance on the high notes, but otherwise his impressive range was intact.

There was plenty of horrible corporate rock in Boston's wake, but that doesn't take away from the meticulously-crafted brilliance of songs like "More Than a Feeling" and "Long Time" and "Don't Look Back." I think I'll be cranking the latter on my car stereo tonight in Delp's honor.

UPDATE (3/17/07): Delp's family announced his death was suicide this week. Very sad indeed.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that probably wasn't Delp with them in 2004. He quit in the 90s. If whoever was singing couldn't hit the high notes, it's because s/he wasn't Delp. Love him or hate him, he was distinctive.

Still, this is a shame. Despite the constant overplay, I still groove on Boston's stuff when it comes on the radio. And 55 is too young.


Greg said...

Delp did quit Boston in the 90s, but he was definitely in tow for the 2004 tour (along with the high-note ringer).

I also read he and Scholz were working on a new album (which probably wouldn't have come out until 2020).

E. B. said...

So he hauled two charcoal grills up into his bathroom and set them ablaze. This saddens me, because I have two charcoal grills and they never give me anything but a life-affirming sense of delight. I guess I'm lucky that way.