Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Proposed Austin Condo to Top the 50-Story Mark

The Statesman reported Tuesday that “The Austonian,” a proposed condo skyscraper at the northwest corner of Congress and 2nd, is set to top out at a whopping 55 stories.

This 700-foot edifice would easily best the 515-foot Frost Bank Tower for tallest building honors. The 569-foot, 44-story condo tower going up at 3rd and Bowie on the former site of the Electric Lounge will also be taller than the Frost building.

A 1,200 square-foot apartment in the Austonian is expected to set you back a cool half million. So much for bringing the common people downtown, eh?

Although the luxury condo market in this town is likely to be overbuilt by the time this project nears its scheduled completion date in 2009, I sort of like the idea of having some tall buildings in Austin.

That said, if they don’t change the name to something other than the regally retarded “Austonian,” I’ll have no choice but to unleash a torrent of beer pee in the entryway one night when no one’s looking.


Anonymous said...

I like the name. Kind of makes me think George Jefferson would live there.

I just hope there's a Regal Beagle in the basement level.

Silver Zephyr said...

i kind of like it. makes me giggle because it's so ridiculous and also makes me think of the hotel stentorian in wharton's custom of the country.

arrielle_p said...

Stunning condo building. So great to live in there. I like the name too. :)

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condo manila said...

Great to know that this is the tallest condo building in Austin. :)