Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fave Five Food Deals - 12/15/10

This is the last edition of Fave Five Food Deals for 2010. Our staff has worked tirelessly all year to bring you the week’s best Austin grocery deals, so in the spirit of the season, we’re giving everyone a two-week furlough. We’ll see you back on the clock in 2011 – enjoy!

Acorn, butternut, spaghetti and kabocha squash, .27/lb. at Newflower (through 12/22/10)

Navel oranges, .69/lb. at Sprouts (through 12/22/10)

Organic Fuji apples, .79/lb at Sprouts (through 12/22/10

Masa Brosa masa mix, 4.4 lbs., .99 at Fiesta (through 12/24/10)

Wild mahi mahi filets, $2.97/lb. at Newflower (through 12/22/10)

Also, pick up half gallons of Blue Bell ice cream for $3.99 each and 12-packs of Shiner for $9.99 each during Sun Harvest's 72-hour sale on Dec. 17, 19 and 19.

Austin supermarket links (directs to weekly ads where available):
El Rancho Supermercado
Natural Grocers
Newflower Farmers Market
Sprouts Farmers Market
Sun Harvest
Wheatsville Food Co-Op
Whole Foods Market

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