Thursday, July 29, 2010

Continental Trailways

One of my fondest childhood memories was riding on a Continental Trailways bus with my mom from Dallas to Victoria via Houston to visit my maternal grandparents. In the early 70s, Continental Trailways Golden Eagle buses still had on-board hostesses who would bring you soft drinks and light snacks. Bayou City History blogger J.R. Gonzales has unearthed a November 1968 Houston Chronicle profile of one such hostess accompanied by plenty of hairspray-infused photos. Although the photos are in black and white, I totally remember the fabric patterns on those seat cushions.

The hostesses disappeared from the buses sometime in the mid-70s, but we continued to ride. Once we moved to Houston and I got a little older, my parents even let me ride the bus to Victoria by myself. I'm pretty sure we won't be letting Alex ride the bus alone until he's 35.

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Rollin Jones said...

Thank you. I too have found memories of this. For me it was NYC to North Carolina. I even had one of the pressed steel friction buses. Grandma had an 8 X 10 or larger black and white photo of me, with those darned white shoes, hanging in her home. Sadly, she had Alzheimer's. After going into assisted living, her home was burglarized. All was taken. The bus, the coins, the $2.00 bill collection, and the the photos of me. But the memories will always be in my heart. Thanks for sharing your story. Rollin