Thursday, November 05, 2009

25 years ago tonight

My 16th birthday was one for the ages. As Ronald Reagan was crushing Walter Mondale in the ’84 presidential election, a group of my friends threw me a surprise party at the long-since-shuttered Pancho’s Mexican Buffet on Bissonnet near the Bellaire Triangle. We commandeered an entire dining room, which saved non-celebrants the pain of watching me show off tasteful gifts like porn magazines and condoms that were doomed to expire long before I had any legitimate use for them.

In the midst of this flauta-fueled festival of pubescent ribaldry, Dana Gritzbaugh and her mom (!) presented me with the bodacious ta-ta cake you see above. I’d been admiring the R-rated display case at Three Brothers Bakery for several years, but my parents were noticeably unenthusiastic about the prospect of buying their son an adult-oriented dessert. Go figure.

As it was, this good deed fell to good friends, and I will forever be grateful to Dana and her mom for it.


Anonymous said...

I remember that haircut!! Happy birthday Greg! Be sure to say hello to Grandma Dana too! --Daniel Friedman

Shean said...

I so miss that place in honor of your birthday a bunch of us at work are going to Pancho's for lunch. I think they said the one near Almeda Mall so tomorrow we will raise a flag to you. I can remember going there with you, Dana and others you helped my fascination with cheap buffets Thanks Alot.

Dana said...

We had a lot of fun back in those days! Panchos, Sound Warehouse and Kips Big Boy were our most frequent hang outs. Your birthday party was definately one that I will never forget! We all had a blast planning it as well as celebrating. Those years will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for the memories, my friend! Happy Birthday to you and many more! Love, Dana

Anonymous said...