Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Grass Roots to "The Office"

What's better than a useless tidbit of music trivia? How about a useless music/TV trivia tidbit combo?

Yesterday, my pal Kent B. hipped me to the fact that Creed Bratton, the actor who plays skeezy old-timer "Creed Bratton" on The Office (U.S. version), was the lead guitarist for the Grass Roots during their glory days.

Not quite able to wrap my mind around that, I went to You Tube and found this clip of Jimmy Durante introducing the Grass Roots playing their 1967 hit, "Let's Live for Today." I'm pretty sure the clip is taken from The Hollywood Palace. Sure enough, when the band gets to the bridge, you'll see Bratton playing the hook.

I'm surprised the writers haven't worked Bratton's past into the show more. Especially with rich source material such as this chestnut from his official bio:

Creed had an infamous acid trip on stage at the Fillmore with concert promoter Bill Graham screaming at him ...and him dropping his pants and strolling casually off stage...where he proceeded to lecture to all who would listen on the meaning of life....and of course Creed's habit of running naked through small towns next to the tour bus on bets from the band.

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Andy said...

I got the Grass Roots' greatest hits in a half-price 50-pack a few months back. I thought the song was "Sha la la la la la look what you did". "Live for Today's" a whole lot nicer.