Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Natural Grocers coming to Austin

Looks like there's a little more flux coming to Austin's competitive alt-grocery scene.

According to a "coming soon" banner that went up sometime in the past 48 hours, Colorado-based Natural Grocers is opening a location in the former Rooster Andrews Sporting Goods building at the corner of Guadalupe and 39th. Which just so happens to be right across the street from my place of work on the Austin State Hospital campus.

Rooster's old roost seems like a good building for a small grocery store, but Natural Grocers will really have to hold the line on prices to compete with nearby stores like Central Market and Wheatsville Co-Op.

UPDATE (10/15): The Austin Business Journal now has a story about Natural Grocery's entry into Austin on its website.


M1EK said...

Also, further down the street at about 33rd, the old day spa is being reborn as a couple of restaurants - including a Five Guys branch, which although a national chain and expensive, is good burgers.

Some old hand on the hyde park list says the Rooster store was originally an HEB (correcting somebody who thought it was a Cash Carry / Fresh Plus). Hard to believe.

Shellorama said...

OMG! OMG1 5 Guys? Fo reals?

I am now officially stoked.