Monday, June 02, 2008

No chicken at the ranch

My dad's birthday is today, so we decided it would be nice to meet my folks halfway between Austin and Houston yesterday for lunch and a gift exchange.

One of the best and most equidistant spots for such a meeting is Royer's Round Top Cafe. I'm particularly partial to their Sunday fried chicken dinner. Unfortunately, Royer's was closed yesterday for a family celebration. I'm glad I had the foresight to check their website before we wound up in Round Top with no place to eat.

After researching the alternatives, we settled on Bistro 108 in La Grange. They're located a block south of the Hwy. 71 business route at 108 Main St. The fun thing about going to La Grange was getting to tell Kate all about the Chicken Ranch.

La Grange hasn't had a destination dining spot since the Bon Ton Restaurant closed several years ago. I wouldn't say Bistro 108 has the far and wide cream gravy appeal of the Bon Ton in its prime, but it's a nice enough place that serves a good prime rib. I wouldn't hesitate to eat there again if I happened to be in La Grange.

However, I'm still jonesing for Royer's fried chicken.

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