Thursday, April 17, 2008

Historic Bohn House Hits Market

One of my favorite houses in town is now for sale.

Built in 1938 on a bluff above Shoal Creek with views toward UT and downtown, the Streamline Moderne-style Bohn House at 1301 W. 29th was designed by original owners Herbert and Alice Bohn with specifications drawn by Roy L. Thomas, one of Austin’s first practicing architects. According to the Handbook of Texas, the house’s design is said to have been inspired by the 1936 H.G. Wells-penned sci-fi film, Things to Come.

Herbert Bohn died in 1967, but his wife lived in the house until her 2005 death at age 100. Although the 4-bedroom/3-bath house has fallen into disrepair in recent years, it lists at a cool $1.5 million. Judging from the photos, whoever buys it will have to drop another princely sum in upgrades.


Susan said...

Oh, my god, that circular door!

I used to drive past this place all the time in high school; it's definitely the single best-looking home in all of Austin. There are far less interesting houses in that neighborhood for the same price.

Melanie said...

Drove past it today -- SOLD!!! I'm jealous, but couldn't convince Matt to pop for it.

Anonymous said...

The single most incredible house I have ever seen in Austin. I looked inside the windows and couldn't believe how preserved and untouched this house had stayed over the years. You almost go back in time being in its presence. I bet Mr. and Mrs. Bohn had some incredible parties there.