Wednesday, October 24, 2007

P&K Grocery Shuts Doors

Austinist reports that P&K Grocery at the corner of S. 5th and W. Mary has closed down. That’s too bad. Kate and I occasionally enjoyed walking over there from her old apartment for a delicious breakfast muffin or a Cuban press sandwich that was one of the best in town.

Unfortunately, P&K’s limited epicurean grocery selection and attendant high prices ensured only those wildly unencumbered by financial constraints would actually shop there on a regular basis. Despite spiraling property values in Travis Heights, there aren’t many South Austinites willing to drop $5 for orange juice just for the privilege of bragging that they don’t shop at H-E-B.

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David Wyatt said...

Mixed feelings. The me of a year and a half ago is snarkily saying, "I told you it wouldn't make it" but the me of today is already jonesing for one of their chocolate chip cookies - honestly one of the best cookies I've ever put in my mouth.